How ADHD business owners can find more customers, and make more sales for ANY Website


Make your website the hardest working investment in your business

If your business website doesn't deliver you the traffic, leads and sales that you need, I'm going to show you how to fix that.

You'll learn:

  • How to drive more traffic to your website
  • Why content is the KEY to your website's success
  • 3 blog post headlines that ALWAYS get read
  • 6 key components of a profitable business website
  • Where other business websites go wrong and what to avoid

Where people struggle

Websites used to just be static places for your business, your own little corner of the web that customers could find and contact you on. The problem is that your website is costing you money and you're not getting any return.


You need more than just a static website now.

You need regular content, a lead generation system and outside of a website you need to actually convert sales.

How people go wrong

Most businesses just assume that people will buy from your website straight up. This couldn't be further from the truth, they need nurturing, valuable content and a sales process that guides them through to a sale.

Distractions are everywhere, as you know only too well!

We're in a business world now where your business and website aren't even just competing with other businesses. You've got to contend with other blogs, video, social sites and other distractions. If you want more customers, it has to be clear that you've got something that can help or entertain them.

People HATE being sold to

Customers aren't interested in having a salesperson be the gate-keeper of information now. They read reviews, help guides and blog posts on subjects they're looking at. If you're not providing that information they won't buy from you.

How much money does your website bring in right now?

Your website should be driving growth and profit to your business. Most websites don't do this and your website could be costing you money. You need to invest in your website and other technology to make sure leads and customers are nurtured and converted.

How do you even know where to start?

There's so much information out there on what to do with your website, that it can become counterproductive. Do you focus on SEO, social, PPC? Can you do the work yourself or do you need a website business to do it for you?

I've got you covered

Well, that's why I'm here. I've put everything I know about websites and marketing into one course for you to consume at your own pace. This course is exactly what you need to start generating money from your website.

What you'll get

What if you knew exactly what you ask from a website business, or marketer or even yourself to drive more traffic to your website?

How about email marketing and capturing more leads?

What if you learnt how to generate more return from your website, no matter what condition it was in now?

After this course

Your website could become the most profitable and powerful tool in your business. No longer having to check if you're making the right choices with your digital marketing and website activities. You know that your website adds value to your balance sheet and you know WHY it makes money.

Ready to dive in?

Just click the get started button below to get this course.

My name is Dan and I build websites for a living

I've been building websites since 2001. I started my web agency, Huxo Creative, to help business owners focus on improving sales and building authority through their websites, email campaigns, and social media.   

I created this course to help other ADHD business owners learn the exact easy-to-implement processes that I use to earn money from their websites. 

Love it or your money back

If you take action and follow the process you'll be rewarded. And if you're not happy I offer a full, 30 day refund policy. Absolutely no questions, if this isn't the product for you, then get in touch and I'll return your money.

Sign me up!

Now is the right time to start learning HOW to make your website more profitable.

Pricing and features

So why all of this for $299? Well because I believe that some of my best work and consulting comes during the initial stages of a new website project. When we give clients real insight and clarity on their projects and work.

That's why we've packaged up what we know and we're offering it to you, to learn at your own pace.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Businesses that aren't willing to invest in their website, are only ever going to lose money on it. The fastest method to stop wasting time and money on digital marketing and website strategies that don't work is to take this course.

Will I need to get a whole new website from you to make this work?

Absolutely not, the knowledge in this course is applicable to any website. It gives pragmatic and tested advice to be used on any website for any business. If you need someone to help you implement some of what you learn, then I'll be right here.


How much does this cost? It's $299 for lifetime access with a full 30-day refund guarantee.

I don't know how to design or program code? Absolutely not a problem. This is about solving BUSINESS problems with your website, it has nothing to do with designing or coding.

Are you an action taker? 

If you're happy being a business that spends money on a website without seeing a return, this isn't for you. I only want to work with businesses that need to and want to increase the return and revenue that their website generates.

Let's go!

So here you are, the chance to turn your website into a lead generation machine. Click get started and take the course


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